GF24 Registration Fee

The Global Finals event registration fee is team-based and includes unlimited credentials for team supporters (spectators). Destination Imagination will provide additional resources to help you plan your trip, including group rates at selected hotel properties. Meals and lodging are not included in the registration fee. Kansas City offers incredible opportunities to design your perfect trip to Global Finals. Below are just the highlights of the amazing experience your team will have when attending Global Finals!

Cost Per Team

$ 5,500
  • Unlimited Credentials Per Team Number**
  • The Ceremonies
  • The Tournament
  • Prop Storage Exhibit Space
  • Special Events
  • Pin Trading

*Teams from outside the United States will receive a $500 credit per team to offset costs associated with required visas and/or passports. This credit is automatically applied during registration.

**Teams must pay the registration fee for each Team Number they are registering.

Unlimited Credentials Per Team

Bring your cheer squad! The registration fee includes unlimited credentials for team supporters. Learn more on our Spectators page.

The Ceremonies

The Welcome Ceremony and Closing Celebration will take place in the Municipal Arena. Team Managers and team members will be given ticketed seats. Spectators will be given General Admission seats, and seated separately from the ticketed team seats.


The Tournament

Compete with the best of the best in the Team and Instant Challenge tournament. This is your team’s time to shine on the global stage!

Prop Storage Exhibit Space

Collaborate with your team to fix, rebuild or add any final touches to your props, and then showcase what you’ve designed among all of your peers in an awe-inspiring Prop Storage exhibit space. Each team will have their own booth space and access to designated “garage” spaces to work on their props. View our 2019 Prop Storage Video.

Special Events

Take part in a variety of special events and activities happening throughout the week, including educational experiences, hands-on exhibits, pin trading, a duct tape fashion show, a magic show, dance parties, graduation, and more!

Kansas City Attractions

Explore all that Kansas City has to offer! There are lots of FREE attractions in Kansas City.