Spectators for Global Finals 2024 must register with a team. This is a closed event and members of the public will not be permitted to attend without a team. If you plan on attending, please contact the Team Manager of the team you are associated with.

Spectator Registration

Your Team Manager will need the following information to register you as a spectator:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Pronouns
    • She/her
    • He/him
    • They/them
    • I use alternate pronouns.
    • I prefer not to answer.
  • Age on 04/17/24
    • Spectators over the age of 18 should list their age as “over 18.”
    • Spectators under the age of 18 must have a consent form signed by a parent/guardian to complete their registration. When you share registration information, please provide a parent/guardian’s email address.

Be sure to provide this information by April 19, 2024 (deadline extended from April 17) to avoid any late registration fees.

At Global Finals

Registered spectators will receive credentials to enter the event site. If you do not arrive with your team, you can get your credentials from your Team Manager.

Spectator credentials will give you access to the following spaces/events:

  • Welcome Ceremony (general admission tickets separate from ticketed team seats)
  • Prop Storage
  • Challenge sites (to watch team performances!)
  • Pin trading rooms
  • Souvenir Sales
  • Box n’ Ballers Bash
  • Magic Show
  • DI Graduation
  • Closing Celebration (general admission tickets separate from ticketed team seats)
  • The After Party 
  • Other tournament activities TBD!

Spectator credentials do NOT give you access to:

  • Instant Challenge sites
  • Team-only sites
  • Appraiser/Official-only sites

Plan Your Trip

If you are attending Global Finals as a spectator, we’d recommend using the Spectator Checklist below to help plan your trip. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us.

Spectator Checklist

  • Team Information: Know the following details about the team you are coming to see!
    • Team Number
    • Team Manager’s name and contact information
    • School/organization they represent
    • Date/time they will present their Team Challenge
  • Registration: Provide the Team Manager with your registration information before April 19, 2024
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Pronouns
      • She/her
      • He/him
      • They/them
      • I use alternate pronouns
      • I do not want my pronouns displayed
    • Age as of 4/17/24
      • Spectators over the age of 18 should list their age as “over 18”.
      • For spectators under the age of 18: please provide a parent/guardian’s email address. The parent/guardian must sign a consent form.
  • Housing: We recommend making a housing reservation as soon as possible. DI teams are able to reserve hotel rooms with the Global Finals block on a first come, first served basis. Contact your Team Manager for details.
  • Pack!: Many Global Finals attendees wear/trade hats, shirts, or pins that represent where they are from. If you would like to purchase these items for Global Finals 2024, please contact your local Affiliate Director.
  • Schedule: Use our Global Finals 2024 app to access the event calendar. Spectators can watch teams perform, and attend parties and ceremonies throughout the event!
  • Arrival: When you arrive at Global Finals, be sure you have a plan to meet up with your Team Manager. They will have your event credentials.
  • Celebrate!: There are lots of wonderful activities at our event and within Kansas City. Check out Visit KC for more ideas.


Attendee Credentials After April 19, 2024

Attendee changes/additions cannot be made online after April 19. Additional attendee credentials not entered through online registration by April 19, will be processed on-site at Team Registration when the team arrives.  There will be a $25 processing fee per credential and proper forms and identification will be required for each new attendee. To avoid significant wait times on site and additional fees, please have all attendees registered by April 19.