Site Specific Restrictions

Destination Imagination is committed to providing a safe environment for those presenting, appraising, and watching at the Presentation Sites. Detailed information about site-specific safety and restrictions will be posted on this page in the coming months. Please check back later for updates.

General Safety Info

Destination Imagination is committed to providing a safe environment for those presenting, appraising, and watching at the Presentation Sites. To that end:

  • Safety is a serious concern.
    • Adults CAN stop teams from doing something they feel is unsafe. 
    • For safety concerns related to the Team Challenge solution, adults CANNOT fix the problem or tell the team how to make the solution safe.
  • Prep Area Appraisers will make sure the team’s equipment and other props do not pose a safety hazard to the team, Appraisers, audience, or Presentation Site.
  • Appraisers will stop any portion of the team’s Presentation they feel is unsafe or may cause damage to the Presentation Site. The team will not be given additional time if this happens.
  • Any team using lubricants, water, or other liquids should be aware that deductions may apply if the team leaves any marks, damage, spills, stains, or slippery spots.
  • Masking will be optional at Global Finals 2024
    • If a mask is not decorated with any additional materials, your team may list the mask as exempt on the Expense Report, whether or not the mask contributes to your team’s solution. 
    • Improvisational Challenge teams wearing masks during the Presentation must not decorate the masks in any way. The mask must not contribute to your team’s Presentation.
    • If a mask is decorated with additional materials, your team must list the value of the decorative materials on the Expense Report. Decorative materials are NOT exempt from cost.
    • Should your team opt to wear masks during your Presentation, your team should practice good enunciation and projection as you prepare for Global Finals 2024. Keep in mind that the Appraisers will still need to hear and understand everything your team is saying in order to award all the points your team earns for your solution. It is not Interference for your team to get feedback from non-team members about your team’s enunciation and projection effectiveness due to mask wearing. Keep in mind that non-team members must not offer ideas or suggestions about your Challenge solution and must follow all other rules of Interference. 

The following materials are allowed to be used in Team Challenge solutions:

  • Dry ice, as long as it is handled and disposed of properly.
  • Helium balloons, as long as they are under the team’s control at all times.
  • Latex, except when prohibited by the Challenge.
  • Glue, with the exception of spray adhesives, which are not allowed. Floor protection/coverings must be used when using glue in the Convention Center.
  • X-acto knives, retractable blades, etc. Floor protection/coverings must be used when using X-acto knives, retractable blades, etc. in the Convention Center.
  • Safe chemical reactions. If a team plans to use a chemical reaction in its Presentation, the team must provide SDS forms for the chemicals (including for household chemicals and ingredients). The team members must be able to explain how they will keep themselves, the Appraisers, and the audience safe AND how they will clean up the Presentation Site if there are spills. All chemical reactions must be contained so that tournament floors remain clean and undamaged. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Convention Center for chemical reactions during the Team Challenge Presentation or for any other reason. 
  • Spray commercial spray paint, aerosol-propelled paint, or spray adhesive, due to harmful fumes and the potential drifting of the paint in the air (Rules of the Road, VII.J.8). In addition, the team must NOT use spray paint or spray adhesives on city streets/sidewalks. 
  • Apply or spread any small or fine-grained substances. This includes, but is not limited to, glitter, cat litter, sand, and other materials specifically mentioned in Rules of the Road Section VII.J.8. The team must ensure that any small or fine-grained substances used on elements of the solution are securely applied before entering the Convention Center.

“Garage” spaces will be located throughout Prop Storage and will be available for teams to work on elements of their Team Challenge solutions. The following restrictions apply to Prop Storage and the Garages:

  • All chemical reaction preparations and tests must take place within the Garages. 
  • Paint must only be applied in the Garages. No spray or aerosol paint is allowed.
  • Battery-powered tools may be used in the team’s Prop Storage booth. All other power tools must only be used in the Garages, which will have electrical outlets available for the team’s use. Power saws of any type are not allowed in the Convention Center.