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Tournament Flow

We are excited to welcome your team to Kansas City for Global Finals 2024! The tournament flow this year will look a little different from previous years and from what you may have experienced at your local tournaments. 

For Global Finals 2023, the flow of the tournament will be as follows: 

  • Approximately 40 minutes before your Presentation, you should begin moving all props and items necessary for your Team Challenge Presentation into the Pre-Prep Area. The Pre-Prep Area will be clearly marked for your Challenge and level and will be close to your Presentation Site. The Pre-Prep Area Appraiser will check to make sure all of your team’s required forms are complete and that all team members are present.

    • Note: Engineering teams need to be in Pre-Prep 80 minutes before your scheduled Presentation time, and will move to the Roller Coaster Check-In Area 60 minutes prior to your scheduled Presentation time. 

  • Approximately 20 minutes before your Presentation, your team will move into the Prep Area to complete the check in process.  

  • Just prior to your team’s scheduled Team Challenge Presentation time, you will move all of your props and other items from the Prep Area into the Launch Area inside the Team Challenge Presentation Site and complete your Team Challenge Presentation. 

  • Immediately following your Team Challenge Presentation, your team will move your props and items out of the Team Challenge Presentation Site and into the Instant Challenge Prep Area. The Instant Challenge Prep Area will be very close to the Team Challenge Presentation Site. You will arrive in the Instant Challenge Prep Area approximately 20 minutes prior to your scheduled Instant Challenge. If your team has supporters, they may move your props and other Team Challenge Presentation items back to Prop Storage, the dumpster area, or vehicles at this time. If your team does not have supporters present, you may leave your Team Challenge props in the Instant Challenge Prep Area until your team has completed Instant Challenge. No Team Challenge Presentation items will be allowed in the Instant Challenge room. During your Instant Challenge Prep time, your team should plan to remove any large or restrictive costume items that may interfere with the Instant Challenge. The Instant Challenge Prep Area Appraiser will check that all team members who will participate in the Instant Challenge are present, that your team will honor the Instant Challenge promise, and that you will not take any prohibited items into the Instant Challenge room. 

  • At your team’s scheduled Instant Challenge time, your team members and up to one Team Manager will enter the Instant Challenge room and complete your Instant Challenge. 

  • Immediately following your Instant Challenge, your team will return to the Instant Challenge Prep Area to gather any items you may have left there. 

  • Congratulations! You’ve completed the tournament portion of Global Finals 2023! Enjoy your time in Kansas City!